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In The Garden Patch

This is a woodwind trio (oboe, clarinet, bassoon) depicting a whimsical walk through a vegetable garden, where every patch has a story, and every story is in a different musical mode:

  1. “Walking in the Ionian Garden”
  2. “Ominous Aeolian Mushrooms”
  3. “Gossiping Lydian Peas”
  4. “Mixolydian Radishes Tango”
  5. “Procession of the Phrygian Asparagus”
  6. “Locrian Garlic Waltz”
  7. “Maudlin Dorian Onions”
  8. “Walking in the Aeolian Garden (Reprise)”


(recording updated 19 September 2017)

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Trio for Two Flutes and Guitar

I reworked original themes I wrote in the early 1970s into a romantic trio.

This is a live 2012 video featuring Robyn Olichwier (flute), Sarah Walters (alto flute), and Christopher Alexander (guitar), recorded in concert at Shenandoah University. The video is from a cellphone in the audience, but the audio track was professionally recorded.