Demo, Film, TV, and other visual media scores

In a Hurry?

Scored for: instrumentation of these excerpts includes solo instruments, percussion, synthesizers, and studio orchestra (with additional sound design)

Here’s a one-minute sampler of music clips from film and video re-scores I composed in 2016-2017.

For a longer sample, including video, see the Demo Reel.

Guitar, Live recordings, Live stream, Other original music and arrangements, Pop & Rock, songs, Vocal

To My Children – live stream

Scored for: solo voice and guitar

I have two children who survived the unpleasantness of the divorce of their mother and I when they were young. This song is my apology to them, and reaffirmation of my love for them and my grandchildren.

This recording is a live stream VCFA broadcast to the internet from the Songwriter’s Festival concert on 12 August 2015. Reed Robbins accompanies on guitar.