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Don’t Give Up on Me – live stream

Scored for: solo voice, guitar(s), bass, drums

This is a live stream recording of the VCFA Songwriter’s Festival concert on 12 February 2016, with me singing my original country-and-western song¬†Don’t Give Up on Me (accompanied by a few talented friends).

I wrote this for my wife, who had to put up with me travelling to remote work locations every week for a few years before I retired.

There’s another version of this song here.

Country & Western, Live recordings, Other original music and arrangements, Pop & Rock

Pop Song Trilogy

I took three pop songs I wrote and arranged them as a suite for unspecified instruments, although the key is brass-friendly: “1. Drop Dead Blues”, “2. Don’t Give Up On Me”, “3. I Wanna Be a Rock Star”.

I provided a group of friends/musicians with chords, melody, tempo, and they took it (improvised) from there.

On this live recording are Eli Thomas (violin), Alex Hill (baritone sax), Andy Herring (euphonium), and TJ Maher (guitar). This is a live 2014 concert recording.

By the way, I also posted a live-stream recording of me singing #2. Don’t Give Up on Me.